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Winter 2011

As I consider the interesting and sometimes challenging times we have experienced this past year, I am struck with the awareness of a subtle shift of things for me. I worked hard for some shows, cancelled my participation in others, staying closer to home, enjoying more time with the family that added another grandchild, Marina.

The shift has been occurring for some time. Is it age? Is it economy? Is it energy? Many details of life and home have required my attention and I have left the studio be still for three months a Winter hibernation. This has been scary and refreshing at the same time but the promise of Spring fills my blood and thoughts with new, less cluttered energy. I have moved my office into the studio and brought music back into my daily life. Barbara is the most loving person I know and is now writing songs. The dogs are dogs the best way to enjoy them.

So, Im not sure I am getting across the shift very well. Perhaps that is the point. It is there, but difficult to define. How will my work reflect the change? Im not sure. It wont be radical and will happen as it happens. But I am confidant it will be very good. And I will enjoy showing it to you.

Barb and I are eternally happy and we share our best wishes with you.

All regards,
c.t. whitehouse

• My work won the Excellence in Metal Award at the prestigious Philadelphia Museum Craft Show
• A large boat form of mine has been purchased and placed with the Vogul Schwartz Sculpture Park in Little Rock, AK
• Barb & I received the Mayors Community Enhancement Award here in Cedarburg for our Landscape & Sculpture Garden
• I am proposing a sculpture project, using salvaged materials from the Statue of Liberty
• My "Source" has been installed at the U.S. Embassy in Malt




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